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Mission House St. Michael's

St. Michael's - a place of encounter

facade to the west of the church, 1884
double church St. Michael's
procession in honor of the canonization of Arnold Janssen and Josef Freinademetz, 2003
the saints of Steyl
Sacred Heart Convent, motherhouse of the Holy Spirit Sisters, build in 1904
Sacred Heart Convent
praying together
miniture woodcraft of the mission museum
mission museum
Divine Word missionaries and Holy Spirit Sisters from all over the world meet in Steyl
meeting friends

The foundation of the Steyl Mission Work in the 19th century placed the little village of Steyl on the map of world history. Several thousand men and women have been sent out all over the world from here. The convents of Steyl with their churches and fine parks testify to this long history and tradition.

St. Michael's is the Motherhouse of the Divinie Word Missionary priests and brothers, also known as SVD. The final resting place of the Founder of the Steyl Mission Work, Saint Arnold Janssen, is also here. Close by St. Michael's are the Sacred Heart Convent, Motherhouse of the Missionary Sisters of Steyl, and the Holy Spirit Convent, Motherhouse of the Adoration Sisters of Steyl.

In former times St. Michael's was mainly a training house for missionaries who were to go overseas. In addition diverse German Christian monthly magazines originated from the Congregation's own printing press. Among them is the "Stadt Gottes", a much loved periodical in Germany. A long time ago the focus of the Steyl Mission shifted overseas to former mission countries. Today the Society of the Divine Word, numbering over 6000 priests and brothers, is one of the largest religious order in the Catholic Church. Steyl itself has become quieter. What remains is a place where history is tangible, a peaceful place that invites to reflection and contemplation. A number of artists have discovered Steyl as their home ground.

A continual flow of members of the three Steyl Congregations from every continent comes to visit Steyl. Here they encounter the sources of their common tradition and discuss their future. European missionaries returning from overseas find new ministries or a place of retirement here, while young men and women are introduced to life in the Congregations. Many, young and old, come from far and near to see and sense something of this place and its history... and to come to themselves a little more.

silence in the adoration chapel
adoration sister
Indian danser at the bible feest
Indian dancer
Rigoberta Menchu, nobel peace price laureate visiting Steyl
Rigoberta Menchu
botanical garden Jochumhof

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